I am drawn to the idea of making images that embrace abstraction, ambiguity, minimalism and a strong graphic design. My images often seek to move beyond simply documenting a particular subject. They seek to challenge and invite viewers to make their own interpretation.

My fascination lies in making images that explore NATURE’S FRAGMENTS and HUMAN CREATIONS, particularly ARCHITECTURE and neglected human creations.  Images of neglected creations seek to encourage a visual curiosity and a contemplation of ordinary and everyday subjects that may normally be completely overlooked.

I have chosen to adopt BLACK & WHITE imagery for landscape vista REVELATIONS, where I consider the subject conveys a strong graphic design.

Images in my IMPRESSIONS gallery seek to be less “photographic” and more akin to hand rendering of paintings and drawings.

RECENT EXHIBITION: The first 14 images in the ARCHITECTURE Gallery were exhibited at the 2017 Ballarat International Foto Biennale, entitled FROZEN MUSIC